International Conference on Higher Education Studies ICHES on June 24-25, 2023 in Oslo, Norway

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International Conference on Higher Education Studies (ICHES) June 24, 2023 - Oslo, Norway
Access and Equality in Higher Education
Competency-based learning and skill assessment
Education accreditation, quality and assessment
Education economics
Educational technology (digital / virtual, e-learning)
Effective Resource Management and Usage at Higher Education within the Global Competitive Environment
Emerging technologies in learning (MOOC, OER, gamification)
Entrepreneurship and learning for employment
Ethics, Principles and Values in Higher Education
Evaluation and assessment of student learning
Experiences outside the classroom (practicums, mobility)
Globalization in education and education reforms
Higher education advances
Higher Education and University Rankings
Higher education leadership and management
Higher Education, Collaborations and Societal Impact
Higher Education, Community Development and Sustainability
Innovative materials and new tools for teaching
Institutional Culture, Organizational Climate and Leadership in Higher Education
Interaction Strategies and Models between University and Industry
Internationalization and Local Approaches in Higher Education
New Model Suggestions and Approaches for Higher Education in the Changing World
New teaching/learning theories and models
Reframing Higher Education Outcomes from the Viewpoint of Alumni Profiles
Relationship Between Quantity and Quality in Higher Education
Scientific and research education
Teaching and learning experiences
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Towards an Integrated Digital Organization in Higher Education
Transdisciplinary Ecosystem in Higher Education
Youth Studies in Higher Education

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