International Conference on Halal Tourism Research ICHTR on February 25-26, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Halal Tourism Research (ICHTR) February 25, 2023 - Tokyo, Japan
Halal tourism and Islamic tourism
Halal tourism: concepts, practises, challenges and future
Destination, cultures and communities
Muslim friendly tourism
Hajj and Umrah
Tourism anthropology
Current issues in tourism research
How sustainable is sustainable tourism?
Marine tourism in the anthropocene
Emerging tourism and hospitality markets
Disasters, tourism and sense of place
Resilience in tourism, hospitality and events
Crisis, safety and security management in tourism & hospitality
Current issues in tourism, hospitality and destination marketing
Sustainable transport for short and long haul destinations
Consumer and business behaviour in tourism & hospitality
Sustaining innovation in tourism, hospitality and the hosting of events
Behavioural change in tourism and hospitality
New initiatives in tourism, hospitality and event education
Tourism and indigenous people
Sustainable urban and rural tourism
Poverty alleviation using tourism and regional development
Food and wine marketing and tourism
Tourism and global environmental change
Biodiversity conservation and biosecurity

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Address: UAE

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