International Conference on Green Chemistry and Bioremediation ICGCB on August 09-10, 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria

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International Conference on Green Chemistry and Bioremediation (ICGCB) August 09, 2023 - Lagos, Nigeria
Objectives of sustainable chemistry
Basic principles and new trends in green chemistry
Green chemistry in industry
Sub- and supercritical fluid technology
Green extraction techniques
Green solvents and catalysis
Separations and analysis
Green manufacturing and engineering
Energy efficient manufacturing
Sustainable building
Biobased materials
Bio-inspired materials
Clean polymerization methodologies
Biomass and wastes as resources
Conversion of vegetable oils, derivatives and by-products
Biomass resources, conversion technologies
Bio-based chemicals and reactions
Recycling for green and sustainable chemistry
Biodiversity, sustainability
Biomass policies, markets
Solar technologies and new trends
Bioenergy, wind energy and geothermal energy
Hybrid systems
Renewable storage technologies
Life-cycle assessment
Environmental and ethical assessments
Sustainability evaluation
Carbon foot print
Transportation, disposal and reuse
Education and policies
Philosophical and methodological perspectives of green education
Normative dimensions of green education research
Curriculum research in green education
Learning and teaching processes research in green education
Historical, contextual, and theoretical orientations in green education
Insights, gaps, and future directions in green education
Environmental economics
Strategies for the green economy
Green economic policy
Integrating network economy with green economy
Transition to a green economy for developing countries
Innovation in the green economy

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Address: UAE

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