International Conference on Green and Environmental Analytical Chemistry ICGEAC on August 16-17, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Green and Environmental Analytical Chemistry (ICGEAC) August 16, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Environmental analytical chemistry
Green analytical chemistry
Fundamentals, methods, and instrumentation aspects of environmental analytical chemistry
Mass spectrometry
X-ray techniques
Trace metal analysis
Isotopic ratio determination
Environmental chemistry
Quality assurance in environmental analysis
Environmental sampling
Preconcentration of environmental samples
Environmental control standards
Determination of inorganic gaseous pollutants in air
Determination of organic gaseous pollutants in air
Physical and chemical characterization of particulate airborne matter
Determination of inorganic pollutants in waters
Determination of organic pollutants in water
Determination of soil pollutants
Speciation in environmental analysis
Chemometrics in environmental analysis

Environmental measurement and monitoring
Environmental risk assessment of air, water and soil
Monitoring of inorganic/organic and emerging contaminants, nanoparticles, and plastics
In situ monitoring
Sampling strategy adaptation and optimization
Others related to environmental measurements and monitoring

Water reclamation
Membrane and separation technology
Advanced water and wastewater treatment
Water reuse and reclamation
Hybrid treatment systems
Treatment of emerging pollutants
Resource recovery
Environmental protection
Pollution prevention
Water pollution dispersion modelling
Water quality management
Others related to water reclamation

Environmental management and technology
Geospatial data for environmental and agricultural management
Recovery and recycling of materials and products
Energy from waste and alternative resources
Waste minimization
Waste management
Solid and hazardous waste management
Land remediation and recovery
Air pollution prevention and treatment
Catchment management
Storm water harvesting
Wetland eco-systems
Sustainable energy
Technical advancements in renewable energy
Green chemistry and materials
Remote sensing and GIS applications for environmental and agricultural monitoring
Other related to environmental management and technology

Aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology related to the pollutants/toxins
Harmful algal blooms and algal toxins
Monitoring on biota for ecological risk assessment
Methods in toxicological testing
Applied ecotoxicology
Others related to toxicology

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