International Conference on Graphics and Image Processing ICGIP on November 10-12, 2023 in Suzhou, China

International Conference on Graphics and Image Processing (ICGIP) November 10, 2023 - Suzhou, China


The accepted papers will be included in ICGIP 2023 conference proceedings. ICGIP has credible publication index records:


Conference Schedule:

November 10, 2023-----------------Sign-in for ICGIP 2023 (Conference Material Collection)

November 11, 2023(Morning)------Opening Remarks & Keynote Speech

November 11, 2023(Afternoon)----Author Presentation

November 12, 2023---------------- Author Presentation



Ms. Robin Luo (Conference Secretary)

Email: [email protected]

Telephone : +86-182-2760-9313

Discrete Cosine Transforms 

Discrete Hilbert Transforms

Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing 

Image segmentation 

Pattern recognition and analysis 

Spectral Analysis 

Wavelet Transforms 

Coding and Transmission 

Color and texture 

Object and Scene Recognition 

Face recognition, face detection, and gesture recognition 

Graphics algorithms and applications


Image feature extraction