International Conference on Geomatics and Cartographic Engineering ICGCE on January 28-29, 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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International Conference on Geomatics and Cartographic Engineering (ICGCE) January 28, 2024 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3D cartography
4D cartography and databases
Aeronautical mapping
Planetary cartography
Art, culture and cartography
Map design, analysis and simulation
Cartographic theory and geoinformation science
Cartography and children
Cartography and toponymy, general and derivate aspects
Cartography for amazon basin
Cartography for sustainable development
Census and other thematic maps
Collaborative mapping
Volunteered geographic information
Social cartography and crowdsourcing
Colors, signs and typography on paper and digital maps
Digital technologies and cartographic heritage
Digital technologies, cartographic heritage and cartography applied to historical and archeological heritage
Early warnings, environmental risks and disasters mapping
Education and training in cartography and geotechnologies
Generalization and multi-scale representation
Geoinformation retrieval
Military mapping
Crime maps
Geological and geotechnical mapping
Oil exploration and cartographic applications
Geoprocessing, data modeling and geospatial analysis
Geographical database and geospatial analysis
Geovisualization, virtual and augmented reality
Animated and dynamic cartography
History of cartography and geographical information science
History of cartography and historical cartography
Hydrographic mapping
Intellectual property rights and economic issues
Intellectual property; geographical/cartographic delimitation of geographical indications
Large events´ cartography and public safety
Location based services and ubiquitous cartography
Map and GeoDB Production Techniques
Map projections
Map use, users and usability
Mapping and Spatial awareness for disabled people
Mapping from Satellite Imagery
Maps and the Internet
Maps, GIS and hazards and disasters
Maps, GIS and security
Maps, GIS and sustainable development
Marine, military and topographic cartography
Marketing and publishing
Mountain cartography
National, global and regional atlases
Open source technology and web services
Planets and space cartography
Remote sensing applied to cartography
Recognition and map update processes
Rural cadaster mapping and surveying
Urban cadaster, planning and city management
SDI, standards, ontologies, data integration and quality
Metadata and open source GIS
Semiotics, map perception, cognition and knowledge
Map perception, cognition and knowledge
Soil mapping and agricultural cartographic applications
Spatio-temporal modelling and issues
Thematic cartography
Topographical mapping and mountain cartography
Very large scale and engineering cartography

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Address: UAE

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