International Conference on Future Information Technology ICFIT on November 03-04, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Future Information Technology (ICFIT) November 03, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Data Communications
Artificial Intelligence
Data Compression;Data Encryption
Automated Software Engineering
Data Mining;Database Systems;Digital Library
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Digital System and Logic Design
Biomedical Engineering
Distributed and Parallel Processing
Compilers and Interpreters
Distributed Systems
Computational Intelligence
E-commerce and E-governance
Computer Animation
Expert Systems;High Performance Computing
Computer Architecture & VLSI
Human Computer Interaction;Image Processing
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Information Retrieval;Information Systems
Computer Based Education
Internet and Web Applications
Computer Games
Knowledge Data Engineering;Mobile Computing
Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Multimedia Applications
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Natural Language Processing;Neural Networks
Computer Modeling
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Computer Networks
Pattern Recognition;Performance Evaluation;Programming Languages
Computer Networks and Data Communication
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Computer Security
Robotics and Automation
Computer Simulation
Security & Cryptography;Software Engineering & CASE
Computer Vision
System Security;Technology in Education
Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
Technology Management;Theoretical Computer Science
Computing Ethics
Ubiquitous Computing
Computing Practices & Applications
Wireless Sensor Networks

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Address: UAE

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