International Conference on Free Space Optical Communication Systems and Technologies ICFSOCST on April 22-23, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Free Space Optical Communication Systems and Technologies (ICFSOCST) April 22, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Space optical communications
Hybrid satellite and terrestrial networks
Transport protocol performance over satellite
Network management and control issues
Radio resource management
Advances in modulation and coding
Forward and return link encapsulation
Satellite and space communications and networking
Near-Earth satellite communications
Antennas for Satellite Communications
Radio resource management in satellite networks
Cognitive satellite networks
Signal detection and estimation for satellite communications
Statistical and adaptive signal processing for satellite systems
Satellite communications for maritime applications
Satellite-based disaster recovery
Satellite-based solutions for aeronautical applications

In-orbit, on-ground demonstrations and results
Present and future laser communication systems and scenarios
Laser communications technology for next generation applications
Space-based and terrestrial-based optical communication systems
Laser communication systems for small satellites
Ranging technology with optical communications
Imaging technology for optical communications
Devices, components and subsystems:

Optical devices for space-based applications
Optoelectronic subsystems and components
Laboratory demonstration hardware
Basic link technologies:

Atmospheric propagation, transmission effects, and compensation techniques
Site-diversity techniques
Modulation formats for space-based systems
Trade-offs between optical and microwave (RF) systems
Advanced technologies:

Advances in quantum communications
Novel optical devices and systems for lasercom
New mm-wave/THz communication devices and systems

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Address: UAE

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