International Conference on Forest Health, Management and Control ICFHMC on May 27-28, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Forest Health, Management and Control (ICFHMC) May 27, 2023 - Tokyo, Japan
Forest health
Forest invasive species
Invasive plants and animals
Climate change and forest health
Forest health monitoring and management
Forest site management
Forest degradation
Forest conservation and health care
Forest disease management
Forest pest management
Integrated pest management in tropical forestry
Biological control: principles and applications
Forestry pest and disease management
Epidemiology of forest diseases
Forest diseases caused by viruses
Forest diseases caused by prokaryotes
Forest diseases caused by higher parasitic plants
Pine wilt disease and other nematode diseases
Seed, seedling and nursery diseases
Responding to diseases caused by exotic tree pathogens
Forest pathology
Impact of adverse environmental conditions on trees
Forest ecosystems
Effects of air pollution of forest health
The impacts of climate change impacts on forests
Forest health management
Forest pathological problems and their sources
Abiotic factors and biotic factors affecting forest health
Parasitic flowering plants
Hazard trees
Invasive species
Signs and symptoms of forest diseases
Pathology detection and prevention
Management and maintenance of forest diseases
Wood-decay diseases and fungi
Forest and shade tree pathology
Forest mycology
Wood microbiology
Forest pathogens
Disease outbreaks
Genetic variability
Landscape fragmentation
Forest management
Alien species

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