International Conference on Forensic Science and Law ICFSL on March 20-21, 2023 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Forensic Science and Law (ICFSL) March 20, 2023 - New York, United States
Expert witness
Forensic science and statistics
Evaluating evidence of emerging analytical technologies
Epidemiological evidence and the law
Education of methods for evidence interpretation
Communication between lawyers and experts
Legal versus scientific reasoning
Quantifying evidential value
DNA mixture interpretation
Interpretation at activity level
Combining evidence
Statistical and logical methods in law, legal and forensic sciences
Deciding under uncertainty
Statistics as evidence
DNA profiling, fingerprint and illicit drug analysis, and analysis of large digital datasets for intelligence purposes
Law enforcement and the justice system
Interdisciplinary technical developments and applications in biological, physical, chemical and digital forensic disciplines
Forensic psychology
Criminal responsibility
Decision making
Ethical decision making
Ethical thinking
Moral blindness
Forensic practice
Field reliability
Forensic judgments
Interrater reliability
Judicial decision making
Forensic psychology
Mental health in law decisions
Witness testimony
Handwriting analysis
Racial profiling
Interviews with suspects
Correctional psychologist
Consultant to law enforcement
Psychology and law
Mental health and the law
Witness memory
Assessment of responsibility and capacity
Prison rape elimination act
Ability to understand
Child interviews
Criminal omissions

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

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