International Conference on Food Process Engineering and Quality Assurance ICFPEQA on July 19-20, 2023 in Helsinki, Finland

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International Conference on Food Process Engineering and Quality Assurance (ICFPEQA) July 19, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland
Food Materials Science
Food polymers
Food structure, microstructure and nanostructure
Micro- and nano- sciences and technology
Water and water related phenomena in foods
Food rheology
Product structuring and modeling
Food dispersions and emulsions
State and phase transitions of food materials-relation to quality
Structure-function relations of food constituents in composite food matrices
Food and packaging materials interaction

Engineering Properties of Foods
Thermophysical and physicochemical properties of foods
Mechanical properties of foods
Transport properties
Food rheology
Engineering properties modelling
Food properties
Advances in Food Process Technology
Innovation in traditional processing
Thermal processing
Concentration and dehydration processes
Cooling and freezing
Mechanical processing of foods

Novel Food Processes
Emerging technologies
High Pressure Processing
Non thermal processes
Separation and purification processes
Minimal processing
Bioprocess Engineering
Food Product Engineering and Functional Foods
Unit operations for designed foods
Food product development
Design and processing of functional products
Engineering of delivery systems of bioactive foods
Novel foods and ingredients

Food Waste Engineering
Plant engineering and the environment
Food process byproduct engineering
Environmental engineering
Solid waste management
Liquid Waste management
Water use optimization

Hygienic Design and Operation of Food Plants
Innovation in equipment design and plant operation
Hygenic processing and design
Fouling and cleaning
Food Process Design and Economics
Sustainable production systems
Plant engineering and the environment
New technologies economics
Cost in multicomponent optimization
Ensuring food security
Water quality and conservation
Optimizing the use of energy

Modeling Food Safety and Quality
New technologies for the evaluation of quality and safety
Reaction kinetics in food processing
Modeling of quality and safety and predictive microbiology
Risk assessment and safety assurance
Management and optimization of the food chain-from production to consumption
Innovation Management
Managing change and innovation
Technology transfer in the food processing industry
International issues and opportunities
Education and Training
Identifying the new competences for the food engineering

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