International Conference on Food and Bioprocess Engineering ICFBE on March 06-07, 2023 in Haifa, Israel

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International Conference on Food and Bioprocess Engineering (ICFBE) March 06, 2023 - Haifa, Israel
Food and Bioprocess Engineering
Areas in Food Processing and Technology
Causes of Nutritional Disorders and Current Research
Dairy Technology
Diet and Cognition
Emerging Food Processing Techniques
Food Anthropology and Gastronomy
Food Biochemistry and Food Processing
Food biotechnology
Food chemistry and biochemistry
Food Culture, Heritage and Identity
Food engineering
Food Fermentation
Food Gastronomy
Food ingredients and additives
Food Marketing
Food microbial populations - Identification and characterization of novel strains
Food microbiology
Food packaging technologies and food storage
Food poisoning
Food Processing and Storage
Food Processing Industries
Food Quality Control
Food safety and legislation
Food Safety and Quality
Food Safety Regulations and Standards
Food science and technology
Food Security and Challenges
Food technologies and processing
Foodborne Hazards
Functional Ingredients
Functional, traditional, novel foods
Halal Food Production
Molecular Nutrition and Food Research
Natural Products and Innovative
Nutrition and Food Security
Nutrition and health
Nutritional chemistry
Probiotic foods and beverages
Probiotics as a souce of functional and medical food
Rapid identification for food borne pathogens
Recent advancements in Food Technology
Single Cell Protein
Vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

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