International Conference on Fog Computing ICFC on February 06-07, 2023 in New Delhi, India

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International Conference on Fog Computing (ICFC) February 06, 2023 - New Delhi, India
Edge/fog service architecture
Edge/fog service discovery, synchronization, and accountability/monetization
Edge/fog-to-cloud APIs and protocols
Software-defined edge/fog computing
Mobility, connectivity, heterogeneity support for edge/fog services
Distributed edge/fog management
Programmability, programming models, and tools
Novel fog/edge applications and services with trials/experimental results

Fog computing for smart systems
Fog/edge computing architecture for mobile wireless applications
Middleware and runtime kernels for fog/edge infrastructures
Modeling fog/edge infrastructures
Low power design in wireless fog computing
Synergy between cyber-physical systems and fog computing
Fog/edge data security
Fog/edge performance monitoring, including testing and verification
Fog/edge storage
Application off-loading mechanisms in fog/edge computing
Load balancing/scheduling in fog/edge computing
Artificial intelligence in fog/edge computing (deep learning, etc.)
Applications for fog/edge computing
Review of fog/edge computing development

Cloud and fog computing for smart cities data analytics and visualization
Smart city data analytics
Geo-processing and innovative visualization techniques
Spatial data techniques and tools for analytics
City data quality, harmonization, integration and processing
Real-time city data processing and visualization
Predictive analytics, visualization and simulation for future city models
Visual computing and analytics for city applications
Interactive data analysis and visualization
Smart city services and applications platforms
Security and privacy solutions for smart city applications
Crowd sourcing and establishing trust on data sources
Internet of Things for cross-thematic city applications
Methods and techniques for city data collection and curation
Automated and intelligent city data processing methods
Design patterns and computing models for smart city applications
Open government data for automated processing and knowledge generation
Decision support systems for smart cities

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