International Conference on Finance, Banking and Insurance ICFBI on June 05-06, 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria

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International Conference on Finance, Banking and Insurance (ICFBI) June 05, 2023 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Finance, Banking and Insurance
Finance and Accounting
Management Accounting
Analysis and risk management of banking institutions
Asset-liability management
Liquidity management
Credit risk modelling
Asset pricing
Project finance
Commodities modelling, pricing and risk management
Financial derivatives
Regulation, supervision and policy
Exchange rates and exchange rate regimes
Islamic banking and finance
Monetary policy
Bank diversification, universal banks and financial conglomerates
Securitisation in banking
Specialised lending
Bank efficiency, productivity and performance measurement
International banking
International financial crisis and systemic risk
Mergers and acquisitions in banking
Bank assurance
Risk management for insurance companies
Banking services
Quality management in the banking sector
Money and capital markets
Accountants Role in International Capital Markets
Implementation and Value Relevance of IFRS
The Accountability of Government Functions
Accounting for Carbon Credit& Sustainable Reporting
Forensic Accounting
International accounting education and research
Corporate Governance and Accountability
Earnings Management, Revenue Recognition and Quality of Earnings
Behavioral Issues in Accounting and Finance
Corporate Social Responsibility, reporting and disclosures
Cross Cultural issues in International Accounting
Corporate finance and financial markets
Emerging markets, derivatives, real options and portfolio theory
International finance and the new economy
Financial liberalization and innovation
Foreign direct and portfolio investment
Corporate governance and access to public markets financing
Innovative finance
Economic meltdown and small economies

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