International Conference on Environment and Urbanization ICEU on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Environment and Urbanization (ICEU) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Adaptation and mitigation strategies, urban climate and hydrology
Applications of Air Pollution Meteorology
Architecture, Urban Planning and Development
Built environment: cyber, energy, water, transportation, health, social, and other infrastructures
Climate and the Built Environment
Climate Variability and Change
Environment and Urbanization
Impact of extreme weather and climate on urban environment, biometeorology and public health in urban areas
Impacts of extreme weather and climate events on Urban Environment and Sustainability
In-situ and remote-sensing observations, modeling, theoretical, forecasting, and applied studies such as societal and economic impacts of urbanization
Modeling, observation, and input data requirements for understanding and predicting interdisciplinary urban phenomenon Global climate change and urbanization
Severe storms, tornados, tropical cyclones, floods, winter storms, drought, temperature extremes, derechos, aircraft turbulence, wildfires, extreme solar activity, and ocean-land responses (e.g. storm surges, landslides, debris flows)
Transportation and Urban Systems
Urban canopy and roughness sublayers
Urban development sustainability, role of aerosols on precipitation in urban areas
Urban energy and water balances
Urban Hydrology and Flood
Urban planning
Urban Public Transportation Systems
Weather Analysis and Forecasting
weather forecasting for cities

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