International Conference on Entropy and Thermal Physics ICETP on August 23-24, 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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International Conference on Entropy and Thermal Physics (ICETP) August 23, 2022 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Thermal Physics
Laws of Thermodynamics
Single Component Open System
Multicomponent Open Systems
Euler Theorem of Homogeneous Functions
Chemical Potential of Real Gases, Fugacity
Legendre Transformations
Partial Molar Quantities
Entropy of Chemical Reaction
Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Potentials

Entropy Criterion
Energy Criterion
Other Equilibrium Criteria
Summary of Criteria
Requirements for Stability

Stability Requirements for Entropy
Stability Requirements for Internal Energy
Stability Requirements for Other Potentials
Consequences of Stability Requirements
Extension to Many Variables
Principles of Le Chatlier and Le Chatlier-Braun
Monocomponent Phase Equilibrium

Clausius-Clapeyron Equation
Sketches of the Thermodynamic Functions
Phase Diagram in the v, p Plane
Two-Phase Equilibrium for a van der Waals Fluid

van der Waals Equation of State
Thermodynamic Functions
Phase Equilibrium and Miscibility Gap
Gibbs Free Energy
Binary Solutions

Thermodynamics of Binary Solutions
Ideal Solutions
Phase Diagram for an Ideal Solid and an Ideal Liquid
Regular Solution
General Binary Solutions
External Forces and Rotating Coordinate Systems

Conditions for Equilibrium
Uniform Gravitational Field
Non-Uniform Gravitational Field
Rotating Systems
Electric Fields
Chemical Reactions

Reactions at Constant Volume or Pressure
Standard States
Equilibrium and Affinity
Explicit Equilibrium Conditions
Simultaneous Reactions
Thermodynamics of Fluid-Fluid Interfaces

Planar Interfaces in Fluids
Curved Interfaces in Fluids
Interface Junctions and Contact Angles
Liquid Surface Shape in Gravity
Thermodynamics of Solid-Fluid Interfaces

Planar Solid-Fluid Interfaces
Anisotropy of γ
Curved Solid-Fluid Interfaces
Faceting of a Large Planar Face
Equilibrium Shape from the ξ-Vector
Herring Formula
Legendre Transform of the Equilibrium Shape
Remarks About Solid-Solid Interfaces

Entropy and Information Theory
Entropy as a Measure of Disorder
Boltzmann Eta Theorem
Microcanonical Ensemble
Fundamental Hypothesis of Statistical Mechanics
Two-State Subsystems
Harmonic Oscillators
Ideal Gas
Multicomponent Ideal Gas
Classical Microcanonical Ensemble
Liouville’s Theorem
Classical Microcanonical Ensemble
Distinguishable Particles with Negligible Interaction Energies
Derivation of the Boltzmann Distribution
Two-State Subsystems
Harmonic Oscillators
Rigid Linear Rotator
Canonical Ensemble
Three Derivations
Factorization Theorem
Classical Ideal Gas
Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
Energy Dispersion
Partition Function and Density of States
Classical Canonical Ensemble
Classical Ideal Gas
Law of Dulong and Petit
Averaging Theorem and Equipartition
Virial Theorem
Virial Coefficients
Use of Canonical Transformations
Rotating Rigid Polyatomic Molecules
Grand Canonical Ensemble

Derivation from Microcanonical Ensemble
Ideal Systems: Orbitals and Factorization
Classical Ideal Gas with Internal Structure
Multicomponent Systems
Pressure Ensemble

Entropy for Any Ensemble
General Ensemble
Summation over Energy Levels

Unified Treatment of Ideal Fermi, Bose, and Classical Gases
Integral Formulae
The Functions hν(λ,a)
Virial Expansions for Ideal Fermi and Bose Gases
Heat Capacity

Bose Condensation
Bosons at Low Temperatures
Thermodynamic Functions
Condensate Region

Degenerate Fermi Gas
Ideal Fermi Gas at Low Temperatures
Free Electron Model of a Metal
Thermal Activation of Electrons
Pauli Paramagnetism
Landau Diamagnetism
Thermionic Emission

Quantum Statistics
Pure States
Statistical States
Random Phases and External Influence
Time Evolution
Density Operators for Specific Ensembles
Examples of the Density Matrix
Indistinguishable Particles

Ising Model
Ising Model, Mean Field Treatment
Pair Statistics
Solution in One Dimension for Zero Field
Transfer Matrix
Other Methods of Solution
Monte Carlo Simulation

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