International Conference on Engineering Cybernetics ICEC on April 09-10, 2020 in Venice, Italy

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International Conference on Engineering Cybernetics (ICEC) April 09, 2020 - Venice, Italy
Engineering cybernetics
Applications of engineering cybernetics
Engineering cybernetics, current and common topics
Engineering cybernetics and systems engineering
Automatic control of dynamic systems
Control theory and systems theory
Feedback control and associated stability analysis
Linear and nonlinear systems
Laplace transformations
Input, output, and transfer functions
Feedback servomechanisms
Noninteracting controls
Alternating-current servomechanisms
Oscillating control servomechanisms
Sampling servomechanisms
Linear systems with time lag
Linear systems with stationary random inputs
Nonlinear systems
Linear system with variable coefficients
Control design by perturbation theory
Control design with specified criteria
Optimalizing control
Filtering of noise
Ultrastability and multistability
Control of error
Technical cybernetics
Control engineering of mechatronic systems
Game playing by machines
Pattern recognition
Artificial intelligence
Neural models
Probability or random signal theory
Computer programming

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