International Conference on Engineering, Computational and Technological Innovative Sciences ICECTIS on November 04-05, 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa

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International Conference on Engineering, Computational and Technological Innovative Sciences (ICECTIS) November 04, 2023 - Cape Town, South Africa
Physical Science and Technology

Computational and mathematical physics
Applied Physics
Atomic physics and Laser technology
Reactor technology
Accelerator physics
Radiation physics and Radiation protection
Radiation measurement and Radiation dosimetry
Nuclear application in life sciences
Molecular Imaging
Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine
High energy and particle physics
Solid state and crystal physics
Plasma technology and application
Spectroscopy and related topics
Astrophyics and space science

Mathematical science and applications

Continuous Optimization
Engineering Optimization
Combinatorial Optimization
Game theory and Operations Research
Computational Mathematics
Combinatorics and its Applications
Cryptography and Information Security
Applications of Mathematics in Emerging Technologies
Financial Mathematics and Risk Management
Mathematical Methods in Environmental Sciences
Applied Probability, Statistics and their applications

Energy and applications

Solar energy and application
Photovoltaic technology
Geothermal energy
Bioenergy and biomass energy technology
Wind energy and application
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
Nuclear Energy
Sustainable fossil energy systems
Other Renewable energy and application
Energy utilization and environmental effect
Energy economics planning and energy policy
Energy efficiency and management

Earth Science and Application

Geological science and application
Atmospheric events and application
Water science and technology
Ecological science
Earthquakes and tsunamis
Fossils and earth history
Rocks and minerals
Plates tectonics
Oil and Gas

Engineering Science and application

Vacuum science and technology
Optical engineering
Numerical methods in engineering
Software Engineering and knowledge engineering
Surface Science and Engineering
Architecture and building Engineering
Fundamental Chemical engineering
Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Distillation, absorption and extraction
Biochemical Engineering
Food process technology and engineering
Environmental engineering and application
Sustainable and clean technology
Civil Engineering
Transportation materials and technology
Technical Textile
Computer Technology for textile and apparel
Smart and Interactive Textiles
Protective Clothing
Image Technologies

Material Science and application

Surfaces, interfaces and colloids
Chemical Engineering
Surface coating
Polymers and amorphous materials
Biomaterials science and biomedical engineering
Extractive metallurgy
Melting and casting
Powder metallurgy
Steels and steel production technologies
Mechanical behaviour of materials ceramic and glass
Science and technology composite materials
Materials characterization
Computational materials science and engineering
Polymer engineering
Glass science and engineering
Plastic engineering
Membranes and membrane science
Sol-Gel Science and technology
Thin Film and coating technology
Construction materials

Biological and Medical Science and Applications

Medical informatics
Medical physics
Radiotherapy and application
Radiology and application
Nuclear medicine
Molecular Biology
Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics

Agricultural Science and Applications

Agricultural economics
Agricultural engineering
Agricultural geography
Agricultural philosophy
Agricultural marketing
Irrigation and water management
Soil science
Waste management
Plant pathology
Biological engineering
Genetic engineering

Computer Science and Applications

Parallel Computing
Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing
Distributed Computing
Interconnection Network and Architecture
Load Balancing, Scheduling and Resource Management
Operating System for High Performance Computing
Quantum Computing
Scalable Servers and Systems
Scientific/Engineering/Commercial Application and Workloads
Surface Computing
Ad-hoc Networks
Computer Networks
Network Security and Privacy
High Performance Networks
Information and System Security
Mobile Computing
Multimedia Signal Processing
Network Security and Privacy
Reliable Computing
RFID Applications
Trusted Computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Audio Video System
Biometrics and Human Computer Interaction
Data / Image Compression
Digital Image Processing
Image / Video Coding and Transmission
Image Enhancement
Image Formation
Image Restoration
Internet and Web Applications
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Medical Imaging
Multimedia Applications
Pattern Recognition and Analysis
Statistical and Structural Pattern Recognition
Video on Demand
Wavelet Transforms
Approximation Algorithms
Computational Biology
Computational Geometry
Data Compression Algorithm
Optimization Algorithms
Parameterized Algorithms
Pattern Matching Algorithm
Randomized Algorithms
Streaming Algorithms
String Algorithms

Information Technology and Applications

Databases and Data Mining Applications
Big Data Processing
Database Tuning
Distributed Databases
Feature Selection and Feature Extraction
High Performance Data Mining Algorithms
Information Retrieval
Knowledge Discovery in Database
Knowledge Management
Query Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Sequential Data Mining
Social Network Mining
Stream Data Mining
Temporal and Spatial Data Mining
Text, Graph, Video, Multimedia Data Mining
Web Mining
Computational Business Intelligence
Software Testing
Software Reuse
Software Metrics
Software Architecture
Requirement Engineering
Unified Modeling Language
Software Quality Management
Software Project Management
Maintenance and Reverse Engineering
Component Based Development
Formal Methods and Theories
Empirical Studies, Benchmarking, and Industrial Best Practices
Pervasive, Ubiquitous, Service-Oriented Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Swarm Intelligence
Artificial Immune System
Fuzzy Logic
Support Vector Machine
Artificial Neural Networks
Hybrid Intelligent System
Machine Learning
Genetic Algorithm
Pattern Recognition
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
Exponential Algorithm
External-Memory Algorithms
Game Theory
Graph Algorithms
Network Algorithms
On-line Algorithms
Mobile Applications
Computer-Aided Diagnosis

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