International Conference on Engineering and Quantum Information Sciences ICEQIS on February 01-02, 2023 in Melbourne, Australia

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International Conference on Engineering and Quantum Information Sciences (ICEQIS) February 01, 2023 - Melbourne, Australia
Algorithms, walks on graphs, spin chains, phase transitions, chaos, and localization
Emerging topics: cluster states, adiabatic quantum computing, topological quantum computing
Implementations of Quantum Information Processing
Implementations: linear optics, cavity QED, ion traps, solid state, etc.
Large Scale QIP and architecture design
Measurement Based QIP
Novel practical quantum applications and technologies
Optical QIP Implementations
Physical realizations of quantum systems for information technology such as photons, single atoms, ions, molecules, nuclear and electron spins, superconducting circuits, micro- and nano-mechanics, hybrid quantum systems
Precision quantum measurements and metrology
QKD and quantum networks
Quantum communication and cryptography, quantum channels, quantum repeaters
Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory
Quantum Control
Quantum control and error correction
Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Communications
Quantum imaging and lithography
Quantum information and quantum communication
Quantum Information Theory
Quantum Measurement and Quantum Metrology
Quantum state reconstruction, super-resolution
Solid State QIP implementations
SQUID systems
Storage and transfer of quantum information
Topical subjects, including cavity QED, optical lattices, quantum memories, foundations of quantum information, and many-body systems

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Address: UAE

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