International Conference on Energy Systems Analysis and Optimization ICESAO on August 16-17, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Energy Systems Analysis and Optimization (ICESAO) August 16, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Biomass / biofuels, biorefinery concepts, waste-to-energy
Buildings, urban and distributed energy systems
Carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage
Chemical reactions and reaction engineering
Cogeneration and waste energy recovery
Constructal Theory and Design
Criticisms of and Problems with Use of Exergy
Energy and water interactions, use of water resources
Energy conversion, storage and transport
Energy policy and planning
Energy Systems, Policies and Planning
Energy systems: social, environmental and sustainability issues
Energy-related Applications
Engines, furnaces, boilers, combustion/gasification
Entropy Generation Minimisation
Exergetic Life Cycle Assessment
Exergy analysis and Second Law analysis
Exergy Analysis of Engineering and Non-engineering Systems and Processes
Exergy and Raw Materials
Exergy and Thermodynamic Analysis
Exergy and Thermodynamic Optimisation
Exergy in Sustainable Development
Exergy, Thermodynamic Optimisation and Analysis
Exergy/Environment Modelling
Fossil energy: coal, oil, natural gas
Fuel cells
Fundamental and Applied thermodynamics
Heat, mass transfer, fluid dynamics
Industrial Ecology
Industrial production, sustainability and use of resources
Life Cycle Assessment, industrial ecology, environmental impact of energy systems
Nonbiomass renewable energy: solar, wind, water and hydropower
Nuclear power
Process integration, simulation and optimization of energy systems
Process Optimisation
Refrigeration and air conditioning, Heat pumps
Second-law Efficiency
Sectoral Exergy Utilisation
Sustainability analysis of energy systems and components
System operation, control, diagnostics and prognosis
Thermo- and Exergo-Economics
Thermodynamic optimization and chemical exergy quantification
Thermodynamic Optimization of Complex Energy Systems
Thermodynamic Systems
Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization
Waste Exergy Emissions
Applications in Power, Nuclear, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Industrial Ecology

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