International Conference on Emergency Nursing ICEN on September 23-24, 2022 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Emergency Nursing (ICEN) September 23, 2022 - London, United Kingdom
Emergency Nursing
Trends in education and teaching
Advances in information technology
Best practice and clinical innovations
Leadership, management and healthcare reforms
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Assessment and evaluation of mental health effects
Anxiety and sleep disorders- Nursing care
Schizophrenia and nursing care
Primary mental health care and nursing
Stress and emotional treatment studies and outcomes
Electroconvulsive therapy and effects
Cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy in nursing
Cancer Nursing
Clinical implications and cancer nursing
Primary care and cancer nursing care
Cancer nursing and oncology care
Psychological and psychosocial aspects and cancer nursing
Treatment of cancer and cancer nursing
Effects of cancer in chemotherapy and cancer nursing
Clinical Nursing
Skills and techniques in clinical nursing
Clinical nursing and nursing theory
Clinical nursing and clinical evaluation
Clinical nursing and nursing management
Practices in clinical nursing
Men in nursing
Critical Care Nursing
Infection prevention and nursing care
Care of the older adult
Neonatal intensive care and nursing care
The role of advocacy in critical nursing care
Dimensions and limitations in critical care nursing
A risk management considering the current guidelines and penalties for readmissions
Cardiac Nursing
Cardiac rehabiliation
Heart failure care management
Caring for heart transplant patients
Intensive hemodialysis
Health care for cardiovascular diseases
Adult Health Nursing
Adult heart failure and nursing care
Adult-gerontological health nursing
End-of-life care
Fall prevention
Women Health Nursing
HIV/AIDS among women and treatment
Gynecologic malignancies and nursing care
Women and cardiac diseases
Cancer and women health nursing
Nursing care during child birth and preterm birth prevention
Pediatric Nursing
Childhood overweight and obesity
Health issues with children and youth
Health care transition planning
Nursing Education and Research
Education trends in nursing and their impact on nursing practice
Techniques for reflecting nursing practices in nursing education
Teaching, evaluation and learning and clinical practice
Research for education, guidelines and universal developments
New novelty, awareness and development
Emergency Nursing
New innovative ideas and research in emergency nursing
Emergency trends in technology, teaching and clinical practice
Managing ethical dilemmas
Care of patient and family in emergency crisis
Public Health

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