International Conference on Electronics, Control and Signal Processing ICECSP on November 03-04, 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa

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International Conference on Electronics, Control and Signal Processing (ICECSP) November 03, 2022 - Cape Town, South Africa
Electronics, Control and Signal Processing
Electrical machines
Electrical materials Electromagnetics
High voltage techniques microwave
Power electronics and applications antennas
Mechatronics Communication theory and systems
Control theory and applications Optoelectronics
Robotics and automation systems Biomedical electronics
Intelligent systems Sensors
Electronics instrumentation
Circuits and systems Manufacture and operation of electrical and electronic systems
QoS Provisioning and Architectures
Embedded System
Multimedia Systems and Applications
Emerging Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering
VLSI Design and Fabrication
Photonic Technologies
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Data Mining

Control Systems, Technology, and Applications
Communications, computing and control systems
Systems of systems
Intelligent autonomous systems and computational intelligence
Architectures for intelligent control
Control inspired by systems biology
Vision in control
Control theory in psychology and sociology
Application of control theory in economics
Next generation healthcare and healthcare delivery
Control applications in new energy resources, and in energy grid control
Fuzzy discrete event systems
Quantum control and quantum feedback control
Networked control systems and cloud computing in control applications
Marine control systems
Automotive control systems
Control of constrained systems
Manufacturing systems control (planning and scheduling)

Communications Engineering
Telecommunication Services and Applications
Wireless Networking
Optical Communications
Multimedia Communications
Network Performance
Innovative Networking Technologies
Network Security
Network Planning and Design
Software Technology in communication Engineering

Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Advanced Adaptive Signal Processing
Spectrum Estimation & Modeling
TF Spectrum Analysis & Wavelet
Higher Order Spectral Analysis
Adaptive Filtering &SP
Array Signal Processing
Hardware Implementation for Signal Processing
Speech and Audio Coding
Speech Synthesis & Recognition
Advanced Speech Synthesis: Toward high-quality and flexible speech synthesis
Image Processing & Understanding
PDE for Image Processing
Video compression &Streaming
Computer Vision & VR
Multimedia & Human-computer Interaction
Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition
AI & Neural Networks
Communication Signal processing

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