International Conference on Electronic Encapsulation ICEE on May 20-21, 2023 in Vancouver, Canada

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International Conference on Electronic Encapsulation (ICEE) May 20, 2023 - Vancouver, Canada
Encapsulation technologies for electronic applications
Electronic packaging
Encapsulated microelectronic packages
Plastic encapsulation methods and encapsulant materials
Market conditions and manufacturers of encapsulant materials
Environmentally friendly or green encapsulants
Encapsulation process technology
Printing encapsulation technology
Characterization of encapsulant properties
Encapsulation defects and failures
Electronic equipment packaging
Advanced packaging
TSV/WAFER level packaging
Interconnection technologies
Emerging packaging technologies
Materials and substrates/leadframes
Processes and automation/equipments
Electrical modeling and simulations
Mechanical modeling and simulations
Thermal characterization and cooling solutions
Quality and reliability
Sheet metal
Cast metal
Machined metal
Molded plastic
Porosity sealing or impregnation
Liquid filling
Conformal coating
Hermetic metal/glass cases
Hermetic ceramic packages
Printed circuit assemblies

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Address: UAE

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