International Conference on Electronic Communications Engineering and Applications ICECEA on June 10-11, 2024 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Electronic Communications Engineering and Applications (ICECEA) June 10, 2024 - Tokyo, Japan
Electronic communication
Electronic communication and applications
Advanced technologies for communication systems
Electronic communication and the internet
Social media applications
Digital media
Computer-mediated communication
Communication and advanced technologies
Online collaboration
Virtual organization
Mobile virtual communities
E-citizenship, public opinion, participation and political commitment
Political marketing and the uses of electronic communication
Digital media and intermediate organizations
E-government, local and informal forms of governance
Virtual discursive space and political words
E-learning, m-learning, and digital teaching
Serious games, video games and virtual world for educational goals
Reading and writing on screen, standards and electronic (socio) linguistic variations
Technologies of information and communication for teaching
Online journalism and socio-digital network
Participative journalism and civic journalism
Source, data journalism, rich media writing, transmedia and web documentary
Communication, information and electronic propaganda
Internal communication and digital communication of brands
Management, community management and customer relationships in socio-digital networks
Electronic and/or mobile marketing and advertising
E-reputation strategic monitoring and economic intelligence
Personal data, e-reputation and digital traces
Hyperconnectivity and disconnection
Pen names and avatars, gaming, virtual communities
Present bodies / computerized bodies, protection and publication of bodies
Digital development and e-territory
Cloud, big data, open data and self-data
Tourism, art and culture in the digital era
Intelligent city, intelligent housing and mobility
Electronic divide and isolation

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Address: UAE

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