International Conference on Electrical Engineering ICEE on December 13-14, 2022 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE) December 13, 2022 - Rome, Italy
Fundamentals, Materials & Education
Electrical Materials and Process
Semiconductor Technology
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
Electronic Materials
Education and Training for Electrical Engineers

Power Systems & Energy
Power System Planning and Scheduling
Power System Protection, Operation and Control
Transmission & Distribution Systems and Apparatus
Power System Stability
Power Generation and Sustainable Environment
Power Market and Power System Economics
Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
Electromagnetic Transients Programs (EMTP)
Wind, Solar and Renewable Energy

Electronics, Information & Control Systems
Communication Systems
Intelligent Systems and Approach
Information Technology Application
Control Theory and Application
Knowledge Management

Electrical Machines, Power Electronics & Industry Applications
Electrical Machines
Electric Drivers and Application
Electrical Traction Systems and Control
Electromagnetic and Applied Superconductivity
Industrial Process Control and Automation
Inverter and Converter Technology

Sensor & Micro-machines
Diagnosis and Sensing Systems
Micro Machines
MEMS-Micro Sensors and Structures
MEMS-Related Technology
Other Related Areas

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