International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology ICIECEIT on November 08-09, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology (ICIECEIT) November 08, 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey
Electrical engineering
Battery management system
Circuits and electronics
Computer relaying
Electric energy processing
Electromagnetic and photonics
Electro-optical phenomena of semiconductors and techniques of photoelectron
Integrated optics and electro-optics devices
Microwave and millimeter circuit and antenna
Power electronics
Power IC
Remote control and techniques of GPS
Robotics and atomization engineering
Signal integrity design for high-speed digital systems
Signal processing
Simulation of propagation
Smart grid
Solar power generation
Techniques of laser and applications of electro-optics
Wind power generation

Computer science engineering
Communication and networking
Database systems, data warehousing, and data mining
Information assurance
Web services and technologies
Software engineering
Multimedia processing
Mobile and cloud computing
Human-centred computing
Distributed and parallel computing
Programming languages
Artificial intelligence and machine learning
E–systems and computer systems
Analog and mixed-signal IC design and testing
RF IC design and testing
Digital IC design and testing
Technology CAD
Ge microelectronics
Integrated circuits manufacturing and reliability
Electronic devices, compound semiconductors, Si-Ge heterostructures
MEMS and microsystems
Solar cells and photonics
Wireless communication and sensor networks
Optical communication
Satellite communication
MIMO, OFDM and smart antennas
Image and video processing
Pattern recognition and image understanding
Biomedical signal processing
Biomedical instrumentation and sensors
Multimedia coding and communication
Speech and audio signal processing
Adaptive signal processing
Embedded systems
Computer networks
Network coding and information theory

Information technology
Artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems and hybrid systems
Computational intelligence and evolutionary computation
Data communication, computer network and security and forensic
Decision support and recommender systems
Data mining, knowledge discovery, and knowledge management
Image processing and pattern recognition
Information retrieval, natural language processing, and ontology
Software engineering and software development
Web application and web service
Computer science and engineering
Information technology and computer education

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