International Conference on Electric Vehicle Battery Technologies and Applications ICEVBTA on April 22-23, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Electric Vehicle Battery Technologies and Applications (ICEVBTA) April 22, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
Electric Vehicle Operation
Battery Basics
Traction Batteries
Lead-acid Battery Technology
Fuel Cell Technology
Battery Type for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Battery Efficiency
Battery Formation on Electric Vehicle Performance
Regenerative Braking
Electric Vehicle Body and Frame Fluids
Lubricants, and Coolants
Effects of Current Density on Battery Formation
Effects of Excessive Heat and Battery Life Cycle
Battery Storage
Traction Battery Pack Design

Electric Vehicle Battery Capacity
The Temperature Dependence of Battery Capacity
State of Charge of a VRLA Battery
Capacity Discharge Testing of VRLA Batteries
Battery Capacity Recovery
NiMH Battery Capacity
Li-ion Battery Capacity
Battery Capacity Tests
Energy Balances for the Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Battery Charging
Charging a single VRLA Battery
Charging NiMH batteries
Rate of Charge Effect on Charge Acceptance Efficiency of Traction Battery Packs
Environmental Influences on Charging, Charging Methods for NiMH Batteries
Charging Technology
Battery Pack Corrective Actions
Battery Charging Parameters

Electric Vehicle Battery Fast Charging
The Fast Charging Configuration
Fast Charging Strategies
The Fast Charger Configuration
Fast Charging Prerequisites
Using Equalizing/Leveling Chargers
Limitations of Fast Charging
Inductive Charging-Making Recharging Easier
Range Testing of Electric Vehicle using Fast Charging
Electric Vehicle Speedometer Calibration

Electric Vehicle Battery Discharging
Discharge Characteristics of the VRLA Battery
Discharge Characteristics of the NiMH Battery
Discharge Characteristics of the Li-ion Battery
Discharge of an Electric Vehicle Battery Pack
Cold-Weather Impact on Electric Vehicle Battery Discharge

Electric Vehicle Battery Performance
The Battery Performance Management System (BPMS)
BPMS Thermal Management System
The BPMS Charging Control
High-Voltage Cabling and Disconnects
Safety in Battery Design
Charging Technology
Electrical Insulation Breakdown Detection
Electrical Vehicle Component Tests
Building Standards

Testing and Computer-based Modeling of Electric Vehicle Batteries
Testing Electric Vehicle Batteries
Core Battery Performance Tests
Accelerated Reliability Testing of Electric Vehicles
Battery Cycle Life versus Peak Power and Rest Period
Safety Requirements for Electric Vehicle Batteries

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