International Conference on Ecological Biotechnology ICEB on January 28-29, 2023 in Sydney, Australia

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International Conference on Ecological Biotechnology (ICEB) January 28, 2023 - Sydney, Australia
Ecological biotechnology
Reduction of pollution from air and from aquatic or terrestrial systems
Ecological consequences of biodiversity and biotechnology
Ecological biotechnology for developing countries
Assessing ecological risks of biotechnology
Chemical biotechnology and bioengineering for ecological systems
Biodiversity and ecosystems function
Ecological restoration and management
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
Ecological impact of toxic pollutants
Ecosystem bioscience and response to global changes
Microbiology and environmental ecology
Interaction between microbes, plants and sediments
Ecology and environmental health
Ecological remediation
Fate and transport of pollutants in the environment
Environment and sustainable development
Detection and monitoring
Detection and monitoring of pollutants
Detection and monitoring of microorganisms used for bioremediation
Detection and monitoring of ecological effects
Genetic engineering
Green sustainable manufacturing
Ecological biotechnology applications and implications
Advancement of small-scale agroecological farming
Analysis and control of microbial systems
Combining microbial ecology and ecological biotechnology

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Address: UAE

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