International Conference on e-Learning and Knowledge Management Technology ICLKMT on June 27-28, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on e-Learning and Knowledge Management Technology (ICLKMT) June 27, 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey
Collaborative Learning
Curriculum Content Design and Development
Delivery Systems and Environments
Educational Systems Design
e-Citizenship and Inclusion
e-Learning Organisational Issues
Evaluation and Assessment
Political and Social Aspects
Virtual Learning Environments and Issues
Business Ontologies and Models
Digital Goods and Service
e-Business Models
e-Commerce Application Fields
e-Commerce Economics
e-Commerce Services
Electronic Service Delivery
Languages for Describing Goods and Services
Online Auctions and Technologies
Virtual Organisations and Teleworking
Evaluation of Tutors and Learning Environments
Hypermedia Instructional Systems
Information Retrieval and Hypertext
User Interface Design for Instructional Systems
Requirements Engineering
Enterprise Information Systems
Business Process Management
Metadata and Structured Documents
Digital Libraries
Best Practices and Communities of Practice
Business Intelligence and CRM
Communication, Collaboration and Information Sharing
Information Security
Impact Measurement of Knowledge Management
Tools and Technology for Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management Projects
Organizational Memories
Organizational Semiotics
Learning Organization and Organizational Learning
Intelligent Information Systems
Social Networks and the Psychological Dimension
Innovation Facilitation
Service Broadcasting
Political Reporting
Development of Digital Services
Freedom of Expression

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Address: UAE

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