International Conference on DNA Technology and Biotechnology ICDNATB on July 12-13, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada

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International Conference on DNA Technology and Biotechnology (ICDNATB) July 12, 2022 - Ottawa, Canada
DNA technology
Methods of DNA technology
Pharmaceutical products of DNA technology
DNA analysis and diagnosis
Gene therapy
Agricultural revolution
Transgenic animals
The human genome project
Recombinant DNA technology
DNA synthesis applications in synthetic biology
New tools for cost-effective DNA synthesis
Artificial gene synthesis
Standard gene synthesis methods and techniques
Combinatorial libraries of DNA
Gene synthesis projects
Long DNA synthesis
Sequence optimization and oligo design
Sequence verification and error correction
Preparing synthetic DNA for downstream applications
Biosafety of synthetic genes
Genetic engineering and biotechnology
Genetic modification and biotechnological applications
Applications of genomics and genome analysis
Genetic engineering methods, techniques and technologies
Machine learning in molecular systems biology
DNA code construction
DNA computing and molecular programming
DNA nanomachines
DNA nanotechnology
DNA sequencing
Functional DNA nanostructures
Molecular electronics
Molecular folding and self-assembly of nanostructures
Molecular motors and molecular robotics
Molecular switches, gates, devices, and circuits
Parallel computing
Peptide computing
Quantum computing
Software tools for analysis, simulation, and design
Studies of fault-tolerance and error correction
Synthetic biology and in vitro evolution
Applications in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine

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Address: UAE

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