International Conference on Digital Humanities ICDH on March 27-28, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium

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International Conference on Digital Humanities (ICDH) March 27, 2023 - Brussels, Belgium
Augmented Editions and Fluid Textuality
Code, Software, and Platform Studies
Computer applications in literary, linguistic, cultural, and historical studies, including public humanities and interdisciplinary aspects of modern scholarship
Cultural Analytics, Aggregation, and Data Mining
Database Documentaries
Digital archives
Digital arts, architecture, music, film, theatre, new media, digital games, and electronic literature
Digital humanities
Digital humanities in pedagogy and academic curricula
Digital Humanities Organizations
Distant/Close, Macro/Micro, Surface/Depth
Distributed Knowledge Production and Performative Access
Emerging technologies such as physical computing, single-board computers, minimal computing, wearable devices, applied to humanities research
Enhanced Critical Curation
Humanities Gaming
Humanities research enabled through digital media, artificial intelligence or machine learning, software studies, or information design and modeling
Locative Investigation and Thick Mapping
Pervasive Infrastructure
Quantitative stylistics and philology, including big data and text mining studies
Repurposable Content and Remix Culture
Scale: The Law of Large Numbers
Social, institutional, global, multilingual, and multicultural aspects of digital humanities
The Animated Archive
Ubiquitous Scholarship
Visualization and Data Design

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