International Conference on Digital Heritage ICDH on October 28-29, 2024 in Los Angeles, United States

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International Conference on Digital Heritage (ICDH) October 28, 2024 - Los Angeles, United States

Photogrammetry and image-based modeling
3D scanning and digitization
Remote sensing and aerial lidar
Advanced document scanning
Low-cost and gaming 3D input
Ultra-high resolutionand HDR photography
Terahertz, Infrared, UV and X-ray imaging
Advanced sensors research

Analysis and Interpretation

Historic Document Analysis
Remote Sensing Analysis
Finite element, structural and other analyses
3D modeling (CAD-based and reality-based
Building Information Modeling
Virtual Reconstruction Issues
Realism and Interpretation in CH
3D, multimedia and GIS repositories, platforms, and info systems
Digital Curation
Virtual GIS and Mapping tools
Emerging technologies


Metadata Handling and Management in Heritage
Requirements and policies
Trusted digital repositories / OAIS
Institutional Repositories
Semantic Web in CH
Long term storage and persistence
Data formats and compression for preservation

Visualization and Interaction

Immersive and Active/Passive stereodisplays
Real + virtual worlds (mixed/augmented reality)
Virtualization of other senses (touch, taste, smell, sound)
Haptic and Multimodal interaction
Distributed VR
Local/remote rendering
Innovative interaction systems
Storytelling and design of heritage communications
Usability, effectiveness and interface design
Visual simulation of materials
Emerging visualization technologies

Policy and standards

Metadata Handling and Management
Digital Rights
Heritage Commons
Cultural Analytics
Heritage at Risk
Heritage Consortia
Digital Humanities
Born digital content issues

Theory, methodologies and applications of Digital Heritage

Virtual documentation
Virtual heritage conservation
Virtual restoration
Virtual archaeology
Virtual museums
Virtual Exhibitions
Serious Games for heritage
Collaborative environments
Internet technologies and social media

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Address: UAE

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