International Conference on Dielectric Materials ICDM on June 02-03, 2022 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Dielectric Materials (ICDM) June 02, 2022 - New York, United States
The Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials
Electrical insulation in high voltage power equipment and cables
Monitoring and diagnostic methods for electrical insulation degradation
Ageing and life expectancy of HV insulation
Insulation for HVDC systems
Dielectric phenomena and applications
Partial discharges in insulation: detection methods and impact on ageing
Electrical and water tree development and surface tracking
Electrical conduction and breakdown in dielectrics
Surface and interfacial phenomena
Gaseous electrical breakdown and discharges
Nanotechnology and nanodielectrics
Space charge and its effects in dielectrics
New and functional dielectrics for electrical systems
Dielectric materials for electronics and photonics
Eco-friendly dielectric materials
Dielectrics for superconducting applications
New diagnostic applications for dielectrics
High voltage insulation design using computer-based analysis

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

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