International Conference on Databases, Information Systems and Database Management ICDISDM on December 02-03, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Databases, Information Systems and Database Management (ICDISDM) December 02, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Data intensive sciences and databases
Theoretical foundations of databases
Management of large scale data systems
Data models and query languages
Database monitoring and (self-)tuning
Data curation, annotation, and provenance
Data warehousing, OLAP, and ETL tools
Indexing, query processing and optimization
Data mining and knowledge discovery
Big data storage, replication, and consistency
Modeling, mining and querying user generated content
Data quality and data cleansing
Web, XML and semi-structured databases
Sensor databases and mobile data management
Text databases and information retrieval
Probabilistic databases, uncertainty and approximate querying
Temporal and spatial databases
Graph databases
Databases on emerging hardware architectures
Distributed data platforms, including Cloud data systems, key-value stores and Big Data systems
Information extraction and integration
Streaming data analysis
Scalable data analysis and analytics
Data and information visualization; and user interfaces
Information quality and usability
Information system architectures and networking
Business process modeling and optimization
Data and information flow engineering and management
Context-aware and adaptive information systems
Data and information intensive services
Requirements engineering for databases and information systems
Artificial intelligence in databases and information systems
Data, information, and information systems security
Innovative platforms for data and information handling
Innovative approaches for database and information systems engineering
Novel database and information systems applications

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Address: UAE

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