International Conference on Dark Matter and Particle Physics ICDMPP on November 18-19, 2023 in Singapore, Singapore

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International Conference on Dark Matter and Particle Physics (ICDMPP) November 18, 2023 - Singapore, Singapore
Cold dark matter, warm dark matter, hot dark matter and mixed dark matter
Scalar field dark matter
Self-interacting dark matter
Effect of dark energy
Implications for the fate of the universe
Detection experiments
Baryonic and nonbaryonic dark matter
Atomic physics
Molecular physics
Atomic and molecular astrophysics
Molecules and photons – spectroscopy and collisions
Lasers, light beams and light pulses
Coherence and photons
Diatomic molecules
Basics of atomic collision physics: elastic processes
Electron impact excitation and ionization
The density matrix
Optical bloch equations
The standard model of elementary particles
Physics of particles and radiation detection
Acceleration mechanisms
The baryon asymmetry of the universe
Production of particle in the universe with different properties
The higgs system
Constraints on higgs boson properties
Higgs bosons in the minimal supersymmemetric model
Producing the intermediate mass higgs boson
Electroweak baryogenesis
Detecting the supersymmetric higgs bosons
Formation and interaction of galaxies
Energy of the cosmos
Gamma ray bursts, supernovae and other ttransients
Particle physics in cosmology
Cosmic microwave background
Perturbation theory
Astrophysics and space science
Dark matter and dark energy
Astroparticle physics
Neutrino astronomy
Higgs physics
Atomic and molecular astrophysics
Neutrino physics
Particle physics
Particle accelerators
Heavy-ion physics
Nuclear and particle physics
Nuclear physics for astrophysics
Gravitational physics
Chemistry involved in astronomy
The future of particle physics

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