International Conference on Cybernetic Applications of Feedback Systems ICCAFS on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Cybernetic Applications of Feedback Systems (ICCAFS) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Feedback and feedforward
Feedback and control
Feedback properties
Feedback and logic
Mathematical models for feedback systems
System modeling
Modeling methodology
Dynamic behavior
Solving differential equations
Qualitative analysis
Parametric and nonlocal behavior
Linear systems
The matrix exponential
Input/output response
State feedback
Stabilization by state feedback
State feedback design
Output feedback
State estimation
Control using estimated state
Kalman filtering
Transfer functions
Frequency domain modeling
Derivation of the transfer function
Block diagrams and transfer functions
The bode plot
Laplace transforms
Frequency domain analysis
The loop transfer function
PID control
Frequency domain design
Feedforward design
Feedback design via loop shaping
Fundamental limitations
Robust performance
Architecture and system design
Systems and control design
Top-down architectures
Bottom-up architectures
Adaptation, learning and cognition
Control design in common application fields

Intelligent systems, robotics and cybernetics
Innovative designs
Advanced controls
Enhanced perception and cybernetics
Robust manipulation
Unique mobility
Fail-safe design and integration
Cybernetics automation and control
Cooperative systems and control
Multi-agent systems
Discrete event systems
Supervisory control
Hybrid systems
Networked dynamical systems
Computational intelligence
Swarm intelligence
Soft computing
Fuzzy systems
Neural networks
Genetic algorithms
Evolutionary computation
Image processing
Computer vision
Systems modeling and control
Smart sensor networks
Cyber-physical systems

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