International Conference on Cybermanufacturing Engineering and Robotics ICCER on April 22-23, 2021 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Cybermanufacturing Engineering and Robotics (ICCER) April 22, 2021 - London, United Kingdom
Cybermanufacturing engineering
Industrial internet of things
Sensor fusion and data analytics
Process control
Functional integrity measurement and testing, and reliability analysis
Non-destructive testing and evaluation
Process-machine interaction modelling and variability reduction
Cause-effect analysis and defect mitigation strategies
Manufacturing security and cloud manufacturing
Robotics and cooperative robotics
Simulation and modelling
Design of experiment strategies and human factors
Human-machine interfaces
Virtual manufacturing
Green manufacturing
High performance computing for manufacturing
Supervised learning and unsupervised learning applications for manufacturing
Data visualization tools in manufacturing
Cyber-physical systems in manufacturing
Cybersecurity in manufacturing
Advanced manufacturing through the digital thread
Cloud-based manufacturing or cloud manufacturing
Network modeling for distributed manufacturing systems
Machine/process diagnostics and prognostics
Technical innovations in integration of data-driven and physics-based models in manufacturing
Advanced methods and tools for sensor networks and sensor fusion in manufacturing applications
Reliability and health monitoring of manufacturing systems
Advanced manufacturing automation and robotics
Data-driven decision making for advanced manufacturing
Human-machine interaction in cyber-enabled manufacturing systems
Standards enabling interoperability of different manufacturing systems
Stochasticity in manufacturing processes, equipment and systems
First principle/data-driven hybrid modeling approaches for monitoring and control
Equipment and process health monitoring and diagnostics utilizing inter-process data
Product quality, tool wear evolution, and their interactions across processes/equipment
Product defect diagnosis and correction using process feed-forward and feedback data
Probabilistic/stochastic process modeling and diagnosis

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