International Conference on Cultural Architecture and Design ICCAD on May 27-28, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Cultural Architecture and Design (ICCAD) May 27, 2023 - Tokyo, Japan
Cultural architecture
Architecture, history and culture
Architecture, culture and space
Role of culture in sustainable architecture
Architectural history, humanities and hermeneutics
Eco-cultural logic of sustainable architecture
Islam, human mobility and hybrid architecture
Geometry, spirituality, and symbolism
Space, place and imagination
Cartography and urban design
Architectural hermeneutics
Practical hermeneutics
Space and place concepts analysis
Hermeneutics as architectural discourse
Interpretation in architecture and philosophy
Interpretive trustworthiness
Natural symbols
Architectural archetypes
Post-modernism and deconstruction
Fictional spaces
Imagery places
Utopia and dystopia remembered
Rhetoric, metaphors and architecture
Interior and literature
Space and emotion

Textual spaces / spatial texts
The language of built space
Mapping the city
Icons and meaning
Form, representation, and poetry
Pacing and tension: the structures of literary texts (literary architecture)
The interrelations between literary characters and real/imaginary architectural structures and spaces

Sound and smell
Writing cityscapes
Human embodiment (architecture, gender, body) and literary studies
Visual cultures
Writing the architect
Writers that build
Slums and urban landscapes
Reading architecture

Spaces of remembering and forgetting
Urban spaces and the politics of memory
The literature of ruins and ruination
Monuments, memorials, and collective memory
Palimpsests: space, time, narrative
Texture, textuality, and architectonics
The spaces of the archive
Walking: narrative, memory, embodiment
Travel writing, literary places/spaces, and time

Spatial, urban and architectural theory
Literature and architectural discourse
Inter-arts dialogues and poetics-policies of space
Built environments in literature and in the visual arts
Architectural culture
Architectural humanities
Architectural hermeneutics

Gothic architecture and literature
Haunted spaces and the modern unheimlich
Theories of the everyday life
Literary and architectural (post)modernisms
Non-places and the cultures of modernity
Narrating colonial and postcolonial spaces/structures;
Dwelling and modernism
Cultural- and psychogeography

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