International Conference on Cryptography in Software or Hardware ICCSH on June 15-16, 2022 in Toronto, Canada

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International Conference on Cryptography in Software or Hardware (ICCSH) June 15, 2022 - Toronto, Canada
Cryptographic hardware and embedded systems
Cryptographic implementations
Hardware architectures
Cryptographic processors and co-processors
True and pseudorandom number generators
Physical unclonable functions
Efficient software implementations

Tools and methodologies
Computer aided cryptographic engineering
Verification methods and tools for secure design
Metrics for the security of embedded systems
Secure programming techniques
FPGA design security
Formal methods for secure hardware and software

Interactions between cryptographic theory and implementation issues
New and emerging cryptographic algorithms and protocols targeting embedded devices
Special-purpose hardware for cryptanalysis
Leakage resilient cryptography

Attacks against implementations and countermeasures
Side-channel attacks and countermeasures
Fault attacks and countermeasures
Hardware tampering and tamper-resistance
White-box cryptography and code obfuscation
Hardware and software reverse engineering

Cryptography and security for the Internet of Things
Hardware IP protection and anti-counterfeiting
Reconfigurable hardware for cryptography
Smart card processors, systems and applications
Security for cyberphysical systems
Automotive security
Secure storage devices
Technologies and hardware for content protection
Trusted computing platforms

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