International Conference on Cryptography for Security and Privacy ICCSP on October 28-29, 2021 in Paris, France

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International Conference on Cryptography for Security and Privacy (ICCSP) October 28, 2021 - Paris, France
Anonymity and Privacy
Applied Cryptography and Implementations
Authentication, Identification and Access Control
Block and Stream Ciphers
Cloud Computing Security
Complexity-Theoretic Cryptography
Cryptographic and Security Protocols
Cryptographic hardware development for constrained domains
Cryptographic Hash Functions
Design and analysis of fast and compact cryptographic algorithms
Design, analysis and implementation of lightweight cryptographic protocols
Digital Signatures and Message Authentication Codes
Distributed Systems Security
Efficient and scalable cryptographic protocols for the Next Generation Secure Cloud
Embedded systems security
Formal methods for analysis of lightweight cryptographic protocols
Formal Security Methods
Information-Theoretic Security
Lightweight privacy-preserving protocols and systems
Low-power crypto architectures
Network, Web and Wireless Security
Physical Cryptography
Public-Key Encryption
PUF based crypto protocols
Scalable protocols and architectures for security and privacy
Security and privacy issues in RFID and NFC
Security and privacy solutions for wireless embedded systems
Security Architectures and Models
Security of ubiquitous and pervasive computing
Side channel analysis and countermeasures on lightweight devices
Software and Systems Security
Wireless network security for low-resource devices

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