International Conference on Criminology and Criminal Justice ICCCJ on December 13-14, 2024 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Criminology and Criminal Justice (ICCCJ) December 13, 2024 - Rome, Italy
Urbanization, Globalization, Development and Crime: Opportunities and Challenges
Extremism, Terrorism and Warfare: Mass Violence and its Impact on Society
The Victimization of Vulnerable Populations: Crimes Against Women,Children, The Elderly and Minorities
The Politics of Crime: The Role of Crime and Terrorism in National and International Decisions and Interventions
Violent Crime
Property Crime
Domestic Violence
Women as survivors
Child Abuse
Elderly Victimization
Sex Crime
Trafficking in drugs
Trafficking in people
Trafficking in protected species
Abuse of Power, Corruption
Organized Crime
Gangs and Organized Crime
Environmental Crime
Financial and White Collar Crimes
Cyber Crime
Hate Crime
Other Types of Crime

Crime and Age
Juvenile Delinquency
Crime by the Aged
Criminal Career and Desistance

Crime and Gender
Women and Crime

Correlates of Crime
Substance Abuse
Mental Health

Crime and Social Institution
Multinational Corporations
Social Media
Ethnic, Racial, and Tribal Structure
Social Welfare and Health System

Perspectives on Causes of Crime and Criminal Behavior
Medical and Biological Perspectives
Psychological Perspectives
Micro Social Perspectives (Learning, Control, Strain, Rational Choice)
Macro Social Perspectives (Cultural, Disorganization, Anomie)
Routine Activities and Situational Perspectives
Developmental and Life Course Perspectives
Critical and Conflict Perspectives
Feminist Perspectives

Victims and Survivors of Crime
Victimization Research
Victim Movement and Victims’ Rights
Victim Assistance
PTSD and Treatment
The Disappeared, the Kidnapped, the Extorted

Responses to Crime and Criminals
Fear of Crime and Perceived Risk
Media Construction of Crime and Criminal
Public Trust or Mistrust in the Government’s Response to Crime and in the Criminal Justice System
Restorative Justice
Traditional or Indigenous Justice

Criminal Justice System
Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic
Medicine, and Forensic Science
Jury and Lay Judges
Preventive Detention, Imprisonment and Corrections
Treatment of Incarcerated Criminals
Women in Prison
Children in Prison
Elderly in Prison
Minorities in Prison
Rights of Prisoners
Death Penalty and Death Row
Probation and Parole
Community-Based Treatment
Juvenile Justice and Correction
Truth and Reconciliation

Research Methods
Quantitative Methods
Qualitative Methods
Evaluation Research

International Law and Human Rights
International Criminal Law and International Criminal Courts
Immigration and Crime
Transnational Crime
Criminal Justice and Human Rights
International Cooperation in Criminal Justice

Comparative and Area Studies
Globalization and Crime Trends
Cross-Regional and Cross-National
East Asia
South Asia
Middle East
Central and South America
North America

Education and Research
Professionalization of Criminal Justice
Teaching Criminology
Training of Professionals
Training of Criminologists and Criminal Justice Researchers
Training and Involving Volunteers in Crime-related Programs
Online Programs and Teaching

Community and Crime
Fear of crime
Urban Insecurity
Community Crime Prevention
Informing, Consulting, Empowering the Community
Police-Community Relations and Interactions
Role and impact of NGOs

The Arts and Crime
Literature, Poetry, Drama and Crime
Visual Arts and the Depiction of Crime, including audiovisuals and documentaries

Religion and Crime
Theology of Crime, Punishment and
Role of the Clergy and Religious
Authorities in Fighting Crime
Religious Extremism, Cults and Crime
Therapeutic Jurisprudence

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Address: UAE

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