International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science Engineering ICCSCSE on July 06-07, 2023 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science Engineering (ICCSCSE) July 06, 2023 - New York, United States
Systems and Signals (Modelling, Identification and Signal Processing; Adaptive and Learning Systems; Discrete Events and Hybrid Systems)
Design Methods (Control Design; Linear Control Systems; Non-Linear Control Systems; Optimal Control; Robust Control)
Computers, Cognition and Communication (Control and Communication; Intelligent Control Systems - Fuzzy, Neuro, Geno, Evolut. Comp., AI; Computers for Control)
Robotics and Advanced Robotics, Mechatronics and Components (Robotics; Intelligent Autonomous Systems; Mechatronic Systems; Components and Instruments)
Data Acquisition and Measurement Systems (Data Acquisition Systems; Intelligent Measurement Systems)
Advances In Manufacturing And Engineering (Manufacturing Plant Control; Flexible Manufacturing Cells; Large Scale Complex Systems; Computer Integrated Manufacturing)
Industrial Systems, Bio and Ecological Systems, Bio-Engineering (Power Plants and Power Systems; Chemical Process Control; Modelling and Control Biomedical Systems; Modelling and Control Environmental Systems; Control of Biotechnological Systems)
Embedded Control Systems (Design and Validation of Embedded Systems; Models of Embedded Computation and Formal Methods; Networked Embedded Systems; System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip Design; Hardware/Software Co-design; Power-aware Design Issues; Real-Time Issues; Operating System and Middleware Support; Software Architectures for Embedded Systems)
Distributed Computing (Distributed Operating Systems; Distributed Real Time Systems; Software for Parallel and Distributed Systems; Distributed Multimedia; Secure Distributed Systems)
Cloud and Grid Computing (Cloud Services; Cloud Applications; Mobile Cloud; Grid Architecture; Task Scheduling; Grid Monitoring; Grid-enabled Applications; Grid Portals; Grid Security)
Software Engineering (Requirements Analysis and Specification; Software Design; Software Verification and Validation; Software Metrics; Software Project Management)
Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Virtual And Augmented Reality (Image Processing; Pattern Recognition; Shape Analysis; Image Classification; Image Retrieval; Motion Analysis)
Language Software Processing (Natural Language Processing; Conceptual Languages; Knowledge-Based Systems; Human Computer Interaction)
Multi-Agent Systems (Simulation and Intelligent Distributed Control; Hybrid Intelligent Agents; Multi-Agent-Based Applications)

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