International Conference on Control in Transportation Systems and Technologies ICCTST on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Control in Transportation Systems and Technologies (ICCTST) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Operation of Ground Transportation Systems-Traffic Control of Subways
The Impact of Modeling on the Operation of Transportation Systems
Automatic Control of Train Operation
Self-Tuning Control of Multilocomotive-Powered Long Freight Trains
Fuzzy Control for Automatic Train Operation System
The Lille Underground - First Application of the VAL System
Optimization and Control of Demand Bus Systems
Demand Bus System for Tsukuba Science City and its Simulation Study
Determination of Optimal Path and Allocation of Demand Buses Using Fuzzy Heuristic Approach
Optimal Dispatching Control of Bus Lines
Control and Optimization Strategies and Maglev Systems
Computer Aided Train Schedule Adjustment
Digital State Control and Observation of Maglev Vehicle Motions
Requirements of Operations Control for Maglev Transit Systems
Optimal Routing and Dispatching in Urban Transport Systems
The Conception and Development of an Operation Control System for Flexible Modes of Operation
Allocation Algorithm for Mixed Operation Modes
Models and Algorithms for Optimization of Train Movement
Energy-Optimal Control in Transportation Systems
Energy Regeneration in Transportation Systems. Methodologies for Power-Networks Simulation
Models and Means of Train Operation Control
Optimization of Traffic Flow through Intersections
Distributed Microcomputer-Based Control of Multiple Signalized Traffic Intersections
Determining the Time-Dependent Trip Distribution in a Complex Intersection for Traffic Responsive Control
Maximization of Traffic Flow through Intersection by Branch-And-Bound Method
Feasibility of a Distributed Computer Traffic Control System
Optimization of Transportation Processes
Design of an Automatic Control System for Train-To-Train Container Transfer
An Optimization Technique of Big Container Transport in Road Network
Optimization of the Data Base Logical Structure
Control in Highway Traffic
Freeway Traffic Modeling and Control
Planning and Control of Urban Public Transport
Floating Traffic Control for Public Transportation System
Control Task Assignment and Systems
Analysis and Control Traffic in Urban Networks
Area Measurement of Traffic Using Photoelectric Elements
Simulation of Passenger Flows on the Metro Lines

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