International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems Engineering ICCASE on June 05-06, 2023 in San Francisco, United States

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International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems Engineering (ICCASE) June 05, 2023 - San Francisco, United States
Control Theories
Linear/Nonlinear Control
Adaptive/Robust Control
Identification and Estimation

Intelligent Control
Artificial Neural Networks
Fuzzy Systems

Industrial Applications of Control
Automotive Systems
Power Systems
Communication Systems
Manufacturing Systems and Automation

Sensors and Signal Processing
Sensors and Instrumentation
Signal Processing and Sensor Fusion
Fault Diagnosis

Control Devices and Instruments
Power Electronics
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems
MEMS and Nano Technologies

Robot Control
Kinematics and Dynamics of Robots
Manipulation and Motion Planning
Mobile Robots and Navigation

Robot Vision
Robot Vision and Visual Servo
Object/Human Visual Recognition

Human-Robot Interface
Human-Robot Interaction
Speech Recognition
Haptics and Virtual Presence
Virtual-Reality-Based Simulation

Robot Applications
Biorobotics and Medical Robots
Service and Field Robots
Humanoid Robots

Unmanned Vehicle Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Navigation, Guidance and Control
Navigation Algorithms
Guidance Technologies

Process Systems
Process Control and Monitoring
Process Design and Optimization
Process Automation

Biomedical Systems
Biomedical Instrumentation
Biomedical Signal Processing

Information and Networking
Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Network-Based Control Systems
Networked/Ambient Intelligence

Multimedia Systems
Database and Data Fusion
Computer Animation

Civil and Urban Systems
Environmental Engineering
Structural Control and Health Monitoring
Smart Structures

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