International Conference on Construction Engineering and Management ICCEM on October 20-21, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEM) October 20, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Structural Engineering, Construction and Management
Structural Analysis and Design
Computer-Aided Design
Numerical Methods and Algorithms
Finite Element Modelling
Boundary Element Methods
Computational Structural Mechanics
High-Performance Computing
Nonlinear Dynamic Modelling
Computational Wind Engineering
Vibration Analysis and Vibration Control
Full-Scale Testing of Structures
Design for Earthquake Resistance
Design for Wind and Storm Resistance
Design for Fire Resistance
Design for Blast and Impact Resistance
Loadings on Structures and Design Codes
Case Studies of Structural Failures
Innovative Solutions in Design and Construction
Plasticity and Nonlinear Material Modelling
Damage Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue
Structural Stability and Buckling Phenomena
Design of Thin-Walled Sections
Structural Optimisation
Lightweight Structures
Cable Nets and Membrane Structures
Tensegrity Structures
Plates and Shells
Concrete and Masonry Structures
Steel and Aluminium Structures
Steel-Concrete Composite Construction
Glass and Timber Structures
Tall Buildings and Long-Span Bridges
Space Structures and Long-Span Roofs
Towers and Industrial Structures
Marine and Dam Structures
Structural Foundations and Tunnels
Soil-Structure Interaction
Fluid-Structure Interaction
Structural Materials
Smart Materials and Structures
Laminated Composites
High-Performance Steel
High-Performance Concrete
FRP Applications in Construction
Durability and Long-Term Performance of Structures
Structural Safety and Reliability
Structural Risk Analysis
Structural Identification
Structural Assessment and Damage Detection
Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Operation and Maintenance
Repair, Strengthening and Rehabilitation
Life-Cycle Performance of Structures
Performance-Based Structural Engineering
Historic Buildings, Preservation and Architecture
Construction Technology and Methods
Structural Engineering Education

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