International Conference on Computer, Information Systems Security and Cryptology ICCISSC on July 29-30, 2021 in Zurich, Switzerland

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International Conference on Computer, Information Systems Security and Cryptology (ICCISSC) July 29, 2021 - Zurich, Switzerland
Cyber Security and Defense

Cryptographic Protocols for Cloud Security
Energy/Cost/Efficiency of Security in Clouds
Secure Data Management Outsourcing
Secure Computation Outsourcing
Trusted Computing Technology and Clouds
Trust and Policy Management in Clouds
Security Risk Models and Clouds
Social Networks
Critical Infrastructures
Cloud Computing
Practices and Solutions
Strategies and Policies
International Collaboration

Data Privacy

Privacy Foundations
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Privacy-Preserving Computing
Privacy Policies and Laws
Electronic Healthcare Privacy
Economics of Privacy
Privacy Theory and Engineering
Natural Disasters and Emergencies, and Terrorism Protection
Risk Analysis, Modeling, and Management
Trust Formalization and Modeling
Trustworthy Computing
Trust Management
Trust Evaluation
Security Foundations

E-Governance Security

E-Government Security
Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
Virtual Wars and Countermeasures
Information Systems and Crime Analysis
Risk Evaluation and Security Certification

Public Key Infrastructure

Digital Signature
Certified Electronic Mail
Certificates and Certificate Management
Trust Models
Key and Identity Management
Hardware / Software Applications
Digital Signature Policies and Law
Validity of Digital Signature in Government, Finance, and Commerce
Effects of Digital Signature on Digital Signature Law
Responsibilities for Opponents to ESSP in Law in Digital Signature
Discrepancy between Digital Signatures
Judgments related to Digital Signatures
Digital Signature Law in Other Countries


Boolean Functions
Block Ciphers
Stream Ciphers
Public Key Cryptography
Quantum Cryptography
Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Algebraic Curves in Cryptography
Homomorphic Encryption
Cryptographic Protocols
Zero Knowledge
Secret Sharing
Hash Functions
Applications of Coding Theory in Cryptography
Smart Card Applications and Security
RFID Security
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
Special Purpose Hardware for Attacking Cryptographic Systems
Efficient Software and Hardware Implementations
Side Channel Analysis and Countermeasures
Pairing Based Cryptography
Key and Identity Management

Information Security

Secure Multiparty Computation
Biometric Approaches
Computer Security
Mobile Communications Security
Operating System Security
Trusted Computing
Network Security
Wireless Security
Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Security
Peer to Peer Network Security
Web Security
E-mail Security
Database Security
IPTV Security
E-commerce Protocols
Content filtering and tracing
Copyright protection
Distributed System Security
Security Weaknesses on Information Technologies
Secure Code Development
Penetration Tests
Intrusion Detection Systems
Malicious Codes
Viruses, Spyware, Spamware, Scam

Information Forensics and Security

Digital Forensics
Signal processing in the encrypted domain
Forensics for Communication
Digital forensics tools
Digital Evidence Management
Digital Evidence Analytics
Digital Forensics Surveillance Technology and Procedures
Digital evidence visualisation and communication
Digital evidence storage and preservation
Incident response and investigation
Forensic procedures
Portable electronic device forensics
Network forensics
Data hiding and recovery
Network traffic analysis, traceback and attribution
Legal, ethical and policy issues related to digital forensics
Integrity of digital evidence and live investigations
Multimedia analysis in
Trends and Challenges
Evidence Protection
Forensics case studies

Sectoral Applications

E-government Applications
M-government Applications
Applications of Electronic Signature Certificate Providers
Applications for Banks and Finance Institutions
GSM Operators

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