International Conference on Computer Engineering, Speech Signals and Speech Coding ICCESSSC on June 10-11, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark

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International Conference on Computer Engineering, Speech Signals and Speech Coding (ICCESSSC) June 10, 2023 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Computer engineering
Electrical engineering and computer science
Speech signals
Processing methods of speech signals
Signal, image and speech processing
Digital representation
Digital signal processing
Analog signal processing
Continuous-time signal processing
Speech coding
Speech conversion
Discrete-time signal processing
Digital signal processing
Nonlinear signal processing
Acquisition, manipulation, storage, transfer and output of speech signals
Speech recognition
Computer networks
Coding, cryptography, and information protection
Communications and wireless networks
Networking for communication and sensor systems
Computer and network security
Computer hardware and software
Hardware platforms
Software applications
Software design
Writing software and firmware
Hardware-software integration
Hardware and software aspects
Types of hardware
Design hardware, software, firmware and manage all forms of computer systems
Compilers and operating systems
Computer systems: architecture, parallel processing, and dependability
Computer vision and robotics
Embedded systems
Integrated circuits, vlsi design, testing and cad
Experimental computer architectures
Computationally-intensive applications
Physics, materials science, and engineering systems
Implementation for electrical, biomedical, and defense-related fields
Energy-efficient computing
Computer architecture and design
Digital and analog vlsi
Embedded and reconfigurable computing
Mobile computing
Software/design automation
Bio-design automation
Synthetic biology
Multimedia systems
Energy-efficient computing
High performance computing
Operating systems
Digital systems

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