International Conference on Computer and Mechatronics Engineering ICCME on August 16-17, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Computer and Mechatronics Engineering (ICCME) August 16, 2022 - Tokyo, Japan
Actuator and drive technology
Actuators and smart materials
Aeronautical mechatronics
Agricultural mechatronics
Aid to Disability e.g. Assisted Living
Algorithms and Bioinformatics
Applied robotics including those manipulative, mobile, walking, flying, humanoid and bio-inspired
Artificial and computational intelligence
Bio-Mechatronics, Medical and BiomedicalEngineering and Applications
Calibration, Measurement and Inspection
Compiler Design
Computer Architecture and Real time Systems
Computer Education
Database and Data Mining
Dependable, reliable and autonomic computing
Design for Sustainability, Recycling Technology
Distributed and parallel systems & algorithms
DSP/Image Processing/Pattern Recognition/Multimedia
Embedded system and software
Game and software engineering
Geographical Information Systems/ Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GIS/GNSS)
Grid and scalable computing
Intelligent aids for the elderly and disabled
Intelligent control and automation
Intelligent Information and Database Systems
Intelligent systems
Machine Tools, Manufacturing Processes,Precision Machining and Machinery
Machine vision
Medical mechatronics
Medical robots and robotic rehabilitation systems
MEMS (Micro-Electronic and Micro-Mechanical Systems)
Mobile and ubiquitous computing
Modeling and Simulation
Multimedia systems and services
Nano- and Micro-Mechatronics
Natural Language Processing
Networking and communications
New Materials, Intelligent Materials, Active Control
Novel Mechatronic Systems (sensors/actuators and embedded control)
Operating Systems
Performance Evaluation
Programming Languages
Remote assistance and virtual-reality
Renewable Energy and Product Design
Robotic and Autonomous Vehicles
Security and Information Assurance
Sensor networks
Sensors and sensor fusion
Soft Computing (AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, etc.)
Software Engineering
Space and Underwater Applications
Surgical robots
System Modeling: Tools, Analysis and Simulation
Textile Manufacturing
Theoretical computer science
Underwater mechatronics
Wearable assistive devices
Web and internet computing
Wireless Sensor and Distributed Control

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