International Conference on Computer and Instructional Technology ICCIT on December 20-21, 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Computer and Instructional Technology (ICCIT) December 20, 2024 - Istanbul, Turkey
Computer and Instructional Technologies
Learning and Technology
Distance Education
New Learning Environments
Lifelong learning and technology
Learning Management Systems
New Approaches in Educational Technology
Political economy and educational technology: Intersections
Institutional and national responses to technological change
The architecture of learning; accessibility; the evolution of the classroom
Pedagogy in the evolving tech environment
Informal and formal adult education
Multi-grade education
Instructional design and delivery; evaluation and assessment
Strategies and tools for teaching and learning, simulations and gaming
Effects on training institutions and industry
Impacts on educational institutions: effects on faculty, staff, administration, and students; curriculum and program development
Intellectual property
Ethical considerations in the use of information technology in teaching and learning
The internationalization of institutions and of education
Open/Distance learning
Building communities of teachers/educators; cooperative learning
Teacher training
The use of technology in education to promote democratic ideals, freedom, equality

Educational Issues
Instructional Design
Testing and Evaluation
Ethical and Societal Aspects
Education for Students with Special Requirements
Professional Development
Advances in Technology for Education
E-learning in the information society
Virtual campus
Quality assessment in open and distance education
Organizational, legal and financial issues
Social impact
Education and globalisation
Gender issues in ICT Education
Networked learning and developing countries
The role of traditional institutions in global virtual learning

Pedagogical and Didactical Issues
Multilingual learning environments
Collaborative learning
Coaching & tutoring
Active & interactive learning
Knowledge and skills in virtual environments
Systems for special needed persons
Teaching/learning strategies
Collaborative learning/groupware
Adaptive and intelligent applications
Application of instructional design theories
Evaluation of learning technology systems
ICT in Continuing/Adult Education

Technological Issues
Web-based courseware
Online vs. Offline
Educational multimedia
3D Environments
On the teachers' side: authoring tools
Virtual Laboratories
Advanced uses of multimedia and hypermedia
Integrated learning environments
Artificial Intelligence in learning technology
Metadata aaplications
Agents technology
Virtual reality
Internet suited multimedia technologies: Audio and video streaming, etc

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Address: UAE

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