International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Wireless Communications and Signal Processing ICCIWCSP on January 28-29, 2023 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Wireless Communications and Signal Processing (ICCIWCSP) January 28, 2023 - New York, United States
Computational Intelligence

Artificial Immune Systems
Autonomy-Oriented Computing
Artificial Neural Systems
Bayesian Learning
Biological Computing
Data Mining Cryptanalysis
DNA Computing
Evolutionary Programming
Evolutionary Algorithms
Image Understanding
Intelligent Systems
Knowledge Discovery
Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning
Multi-Agent Systems
Multi-Objective EA
Neural Networks
Particle Swarm Optimization
Probabilistic Reasoning
Reinforcement Learning
Supervised Learning
Swarm Intelligence
Probabilistic Learning

Communication Theory

Coding theory
Information theory and channel capacity
Network information theory
Detection and estimation theory
Cooperative communications theory
CDMA and spread spectrum
Compressed sensing
Adaptive modulation and coding
Joint source-channel coding
Error control coding
Network coding
Source coding and data compression
Space-time coding and processing
Distributed coding and processing
Turbo and LDPC codes
Distributed storage
Diversity and fading countermeasures
Energy-efficient communications
Physical layer security
Interference alignment
Interference management, cancellation, and avoidance
Theoretical aspects of cognitive radio
Theoretical aspects of cross layer design

Wireless Communications

OFDM and multi-carrier techniques
Smart antennas techniques
MIMO and multi-antenna techniques
Diversity techniques
Dynamic spectrum access techniques
Software-defined radio techniques
Equalization techniques
Synchronization, estimation and detection techniques
Wireless multiple access techniques
Cooperative communications
Cognitive radio communications
Wireless green communications
Ultra-wideband communications
Free-space optical communications
Joint source-channel coding for wireless communications
Dynamic spectrum management
Resource allocation and interference management
Fixed wireless broadband access systems
Energy harvesting communication systems
Performance evaluation of wireless systems
Wireless communication standard

Wireless Networking

Mobile ad hoc networks
Wireless mesh networks
Wireless sensor networks
Wireless local area networks
Wireless personal area networks
Cognitive radio networks
Self-organizing networks
Vehicular ad hoc networks
Smart grid networks
Home area networks
Femtocell networks
Free space optical networks
Network architecture
Algorithms and protocols
Medium access control
Flow control and congestion control
Radio resource allocation
Traffic modeling and management
Mobility, handoff, and location management
Quality-of-service provisioning
Cross-layer design and optimization
Multimedia over wireless networks
Capacity and performance analysis
Network testbeds and deployment
Wireless network standardization
Emerging wireless services and applications

Signal Processing

Adaptive signal processing
Blind signal processing
Speech and audio signal processing
Image and video signal processing
Multimedia signal processing
Multidimensional signal processing
Array and multi-channel signal processing
Biomedical signal processing
Signal processing for communications
Neural networks for signal processing
Signal processing applications
Architecture and implementation of signal processing systems

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